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Open It

Open iT is a leading software asset management solution perfectly suited for engineering software portfolios. It can also effectively meter and report on how individuals or groups use applications, servers, storage, databases and services across a global enterprise. Open iT solutions allow for better control in managing license resources by discovering and suspending applications that are not actively used, and releasing the unused licenses to redeploy to active users.


World Leaders in Advanced Finite Element – Discrete Element Technology and Applications since 1985. Elfen technology underpins a range of leading products developed in-house by Rockfield to address the challenges faced by the Oil & Gas, mining and waste disposal industries.

Blue Marble Geographics Global Mapper – GIS

Global Mapper is an affordable and easy-to-use GIS application that offers access to an unparalleled variety of spatial datasets and provides just the right level of functionality to satisfy both experienced GIS professionals and beginning users.

Petroleum Experts IPM Suite – Production Modeling

Petroleum Experts (Petex) develop the Integrated Production Modelling software (IPM). IPM models the complete oil or gas production system including reservoir, wells and the surface network. The IPM suite of tools: GAP, PROSPER, MBAL, PVTP, REVEAL and RESOLVE can be run together seamlessly, allowing the engineer to design complete field models. The models can include the reservoir tanks, all the wells and the surface gathering system


RE-Studio is the ideal environment for every reservoir engineer involved in hydrocarbon dynamic flow simulation, with oil and gas industry standard simulators.