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Multi Method Risk Analysis

Multi-Method Risk Analysis (MMRA) is LSi’s premium workhorse product for prospect and zone evaluation. MMRA comes in an easy-to-use familiar interface and is designed to construct probabilistic resource distributions from a variety of resource estimating methods via a powerful, proprietary Monte Carlo engine. Additionally, you can build the chance of geological success from chance factor estimates and incorporate multiple fiscal decision thresholds for truncated resources and chance of success.

MMRA provides broad flexibility to users for estimating methods, distribution shapes, correlations, extreme-end truncations, variable/resource units, and other simulation settings and allows customized corporate standards for these items.

For routine assessments, you can default to the Quick Look method (classic parametric multiplication of lognormal distributions) to get rapid resource distribution determination, complete with fiscal thresholds. As an alternative, select the method of resource investigation from a dashboard of options.

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