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LMKR GVERSE consists of geoscience and engineering solutions focused on workflow optimization and enhancing productivity of teams working on diverse geological and geophysical projects. These applications help cut the processing time required for interpretations resulting in fast, easy to use scalable tools that are inter-operable with other known geoscience software suites; enabling a connected multi skilled workforce.

GVERSE™ Attributes

The multi-paned viewing environment, unmatched by any software in the industry, along with streamlined workflows and high resolution 3D seismic attributes help boost performance. The value of seismic data for seamless interpretation is maximized by fast, on the fly, real time visualization of seismic attributes which allows for in-depth attribute analysis with immediate feedback.

GVERSE™ Predict3D

GVERSE Predict3D is a multi-attribute inversion solution, based on spectral decomposition and state-of- the-art optimization techniques, to predict rock properties away from wells using well logs and seismic data. This enables you to understand the reservoir effectively and reduces risks associated with well planning and field development.

GVERSE™ Inversion

GVERSE Inversion is a coloured inversion solution that provides a rapid, yet robust way to derive geological details in the form of relative and absolute impedance (rock hardness). When geosteering through a reservoir, the high resolution impedances calculated by the coloured inversion ensure that the well optimises its productive potential