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We provide Indonesian support capabilities for all software products that we offer. Our sister company PT Kejora Gasbumi Mandiri is sole distributor and maintenance provider for several industry-leading brands of software. In addition to software sales and maintenance support, OPAC also offers consulting capabilities using all of these products.

For more Information please contact Ihsan Wiratama, available at ihsan.wiratama@kejoragasbumi.com or +628111944407



A well-known IP software used by Geoscientists for Petrophysics analysis and more. IC software is more than just a correlation and display package; it is a tool for Geologists, Data Managers, Petrophysicists, and Engineers who are tasked with taking control of the integration and interpretation of their well data. 


Beicip Franlab

Beicip-Franlab is recognized as one of the industry leaders in providing Advanced Software Solutions for the oil and gas industry. Most used in Indonesia are TemisFlow (1D/M1D, 2D and 3D Basin Modelling) and FracaFlow (an unbeatable tool to analyse and model naturally fractured reservoirs). TemisFlow and FracaFlow are industry leading products with the most accurate prediction capabilities available today. OPAC/Kejora provides the software, support and consulting services to expand your capability quickly and professionally.



Amarile® is an innovative company helping reservoir engineers speed up and improve the quality of their field dynamic simulation workflow.  RE-Studio has been developed based on the extensive experience of the founder of the company – Arnaud Brunel – who was previously a Reservoir Engineer at Total. Our solution is part of a Reservoir Engineer’s daily work within international E&P corporations as well as independent companies. RE-Studio has been designed by Reservoir Engineers for Reservoir Engineers.


Justcroft International

JustIMAGE and JustPLOT are the powerful tool for manipulating, combining, editing and large-format plotting of CGM and other graphics files used in the oil and gas industry. File formats handled include EMF, PDF, CGM, CGM*PIP, CGM-ATA and CGM+


Logicom E&P

REP - Resource Evaluation Programme uses the well-known Monte-Carlo technique for a rigorous solution of the volumetrics equation.The calculation of reserves, and an estimation of the uncertainty of that calculation, lie at the heart of hydrocarbon exploration and production.


Rose and Associates

Rose and Associates software uses Monte Carlo simulation engines to perform resource estimation, resource aggregation, and cash flow models and provides a clear line-of-sight from data inputs to calculated outputs and charts. Ours software builds efficiency, facilitates estimation and communication consistency, and helps maintain the integrity of the risk analysis implementation process.



LMKR is a petroleum technology company offering technology solutions and E&P data services focused towards lowering the risk associated with exploration and production of conventional and unconventional resource plays. LMKR holds the global license for development, sales, marketing and support for GVERSE and GeoGraphix suite



Open iT is a software asset management solution which can meter and report on how individuals or groups use applications, servers, storage, databases and services across an enterprise. Open iT enables fully customizable usage reporting, granular chargeback for software and hardware usage, and industry-leading automated license management capabilities across Windows, Unix and Linux platforms.


Petroleum Expert

The IPM suite of tools, including GAP, PROSPER, MBAL, PVTP, REVEAL, RESOLVEand OpenServer, is the industry standard for integrated field modelling and production optimisation. Moreover the tools provide production forecasts. The IPM suite model the reservoir(s), the production and injection wells and the surface gathering system. Multiple reservoirs, naturally and artificially lifted wells, plus single and looped surface pipelines networks can be handled in an integrated way. Sophisticated non-linear global optimisation techniques are used.