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Our seismic services cover field operations (both onshore and offshore), planning, permitting, quality control, geotechnical and hydrographic survey, specialized data processing, and interpretation using the full range of modern structural, stratigraphic and QI techniques. We achieve this through our own teams of consultants (Indonesian and expatriate) as well as our joint ventures with established overseas partners such as Dolphin Geophysical, Senergy, Scope Resources, Beicip Franlab, Oil Hunters, Somehsa Geosciences and Meridian Surveys. In 2014, Dolphin Geophysical will have four high-end 3D/4D vessels with broadband capability in SE Asian and nearby waters.

Scope Resources

Scope Resources is a leading provider of client representatives and project managers for marine survey projects worldwide. Our extensive expertise include marine seismic QC and environmental regulatory support, HSE management, marine fauna observation, hydrographic survey QC, I.R.M, sub-sea inspection, geotechnical investigation QC and offshore construction; as well as onshore project support for planning and implementation.


Beicip Franlab

ADVANCED SOFTWARE AND SEISMIC RESERVOIR CHARACTERIZATION EXPERTS  The advanced Seismic Reservoir Characterization techniques developed by IFP/Beicip have proved remarkably accurate in predicting reservoir properties between wells, and have been successfully implemented by OPAC in Indonesia.


Oil Hunters

PRE-STACK DEPTH MIGRATION EXPERTS: Oil Hunters are recognized for their wide range of industry-standard algorithms and workflows and their careful attention to detail. For successful depth work, Oil Hunters’ workflows combine a geologic model with accurate velocity model building techniques and tomographic velocity updates from various software houses for pre-stack depth imaging. Results are credible, robust and proven by the drill bit.


Dolphin Geophysical

Dolphin has the newest and most powerful fleet in the industry today. The Dolphin high capacity vessels deliver ultra wide tow, deep tow and long offset configurations ideal for today's frontier exploration needs, with full configuration flexibility to service any 2D, 3D and 4D requirements. Dolphin is also able to offer same fleet advantage for undershoot and multi-vessel operations. Highest levels of operational performance and production since the launch of each vessel, proving the design of the vessels and the experience of the seismic crews. Industry standard equipment and dedication to the highest levels of QHSE and ISO9001 certification process started. Dolphin is now pre-qualified with most E&P companies and has already worked in most of the major exploration provinces across the world.


Land Seismic QC

Onshore seismic in Indonesia employs crews of hundreds of personnel, often in areas of high population and with many obstacles to a successful and promptly delivered survey. QC Teams have to be highly experienced, technically and operationally to control such projects. OPAC has extensive experience of assembling and managing such teams.  To ensure a trouble free survey and minimise compensation costs, public and government relations are of paramount importance. OPAC employs only highly experienced expatriate and national personnel, working to international Health Safety and Environment standards. Survey planning, tendering and data processing QC services are also available.