New To Indonesia ?

Indonesia is a huge country, with thousands of inhabited islands. But the oil and gas industry in Indonesia is centered on Jakarta and the government agencies here. To work in Jakarta, one needs to be well-informed and well-prepared. These are the kind of questions we are asked on a regular basis:

  • What are the rules about obtaining a contract area and how do I set about applying for one?
  • Should I start onshore or offshore, operator or non-operator? And what are the obstacles in choosing one over another?
  • How do the cabotage rules affect the way my drilling rig or seismic vessel can operate?
  • What are the rules about bidding for work and what is PTK/007?
  • Is it really true that I can't export data?
  • Is it really true that no foreigner over 55 can work in the Indonesian oil and gas industry?
  • Why is the traffic so gridlocked in Jakarta, and where should I locate my office?
  • The political situation is confusing. How will I ever understand the various factors in play in the oil & gas sector?
  • How do I hire reliable staff?